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South Florida Wedding Photography


Ed Ramos creates fun, beautiful and classic images that enable you to remember your day in vivid detail. Ed uses dynamic lighting, artistic posing and creative compositions to capture your event in a style that you might see in a Hollywood movie.


If you're looking for something different, take a look at Ed Ramos Photography.


The Artist's Statement

Many photographers feel that they have to make a statement – that they have to show or tell the world something not known before. Many feel that without this statement a photograph has no value. The truth is that there is little that has not been said or shown before. Yet memory remains one of the most transient bits of human existence. Memories are the only time machine we have to transport us into the past. Often, the power of a photograph is that it stimulates memories. This power may serve an audience of only one: one person, one family or one community. Capturing moments that stimulate memories is one of the greatest gifts I can offer.

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